About Us


American Fire Apparel designs unique and modern apparel for fire athletes and masters of their craft.  

Established in 2014, American Fire Apparel promises to provide high quality clothing and gear that reflects the spirit of hard working, dedicated fire professionals associated with the fire service brotherhood.

AFA motivates the athletic firefighter and promotes a powerful life style. Every firefighter vows to better serve, protect, and master the art of firefighting. American Fire Apparel believes physical fitness directly impacts the demanding career of a tough and masterfully skilled firefighter. 

AFA makes an effort to support the fire community. Some of the ways that they have helped includes donating to the numerous charities including; Terry Farrell Fund, Helping Hero’s, Prescott Wildland Firefighters, 911 fundraisers, fallen firefighter family fundraisers and others. AFA will continually strive to make an effort to assist the fire community.



Shane Doyon founded American Fire Apparel in 2014. His goal is to create a company that reflects the spirit of the hard working brothers and sisters of the fire service. Shane believes that being physically and mentally fit is paramount within the industry. 

A recent graduate of Colorado State University, Shane earned his B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services Administration and is currently working full time in his 15th year of the fire profession as a Captain for a fire department located in Northern Colorado. Throughout his career, he has been lucky enough to have additional professional experiences including; wildland fire, Dive Team Coordinator, and also participates on a Colorado Incident Command Team as Planning Section Chief. He has been part of this State IMT since 2007.